Olo Alaia

Olo Alaia is a surf shop, cafe-brewhouse where one can simply enjoy and be a part of what we offer, a lifestyle. We offer unparalleled experiential surf education and experiences through our establishment in Nosara. Our mission is to represent true surfing culture and it’s lifestyle, and show how it can be enjoyed by all. The lifestyle and culture we offer through our flagship surf shop/cafe brewhouse where coffee lovers can enjoy our quality barista brewed coffee and fresh baked goods delivered daily, and beer lovers can enjoy a variety of craft beers we pour on draft.

As a surfer and a world traveller I came to Nosara for the first time in 2003 and have since then made it my home. Feeling the demand and also what I would want as a surfer in a surf town motivated me to create a space where one can place themselves and be a part of a surf lifestyle that represents the soul of surfing. Whether it be friends or a soul surfer passing through town looking for a cool relaxed environment to place themselves. To sip on a cappuccino, have a draft beer or an espresso. Who knows strike up new conversation with someone new in their life, or buy some t-shirts to take home. At Olo Alaia we strive to cater to all your surf needs and wants. So, before your lesson or after your session swing by our flagship surf shop/cafe and enjoy what we have to offer.