Upcoming Events

Our Events focus on creating unique surfing and lifestyle experiences for guests at Olo Alaia. From art exhibits to Board and Brews events, we’ve created a space for you to come and enjoy the Pura Vida lifestyle.

Past Events

Kit Noble Photo Art Exhibit | February 21st, 6-9PM 

Join us on February 21st for Kit Noble’s photo art exhibit. Featuring a new collection of fine photography by Kit Noble, craft beer and Gaelic Street Food’s Gaelic Fish & Chips, Fish Tacos, Beer battered shrimp Tacos.

Film Viewing: Sharkwater: Extinction | February 7th from 7PM

Join us on February 7th for the viewing of Sharkwater: Extinction, a documentary following filmmaker Rob Stewart traveling the world to showcase the massive illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it — and the work revolving around it.

Craft Coffee + Art Fair | April 20th from 12 – 9PM

Join us on April 20th for our Craft Coffee + Art Fair. This year, we’ll be featuring art in different forms to take you on an artist journey like never before.

The event will feature works of art from:
Carolyn Lazor, Female Form Painter | While learning to draw and paint at 30, Carolyn soon found the subject that would be the focus of her art. The female form. It offers myriad expressions of emotion and sentiment. If there were a wish, then it would be for the viewer to feel that many emotions and sentiments are common to all of us. While the 7 pieces she’s showing may at first appear unconnected, they are also the inseparable yin-yang…restriction-freedom, fearfulness-assuredness, insecurity-poise, shame-grace.

Gabriela, Painter + Tattoo Artist | Gabriela is professional tattoo artist stepping into the practice of sacred body art. She sees the power in the symbols and totems we choose to adorn ourselves with and approaches each tattoo in a sacred manner. Spirituality, mysticism, and nature are strong influences in her creations and her life. Gabriela is a painter and artist before anything else; her understanding of colour and composition is strongly showcased in her designs and placement for each tattoo. She works with the curvature of the body to create custom pieces that move in a seamless flow.

Kit Noble, Photographer | A Nantucket based acclaimed photographer, Kit Noble, a Nantucket based critically acclaimed photographer captured moments on the ocean for his Nosara collection.

Eric Kurzbard, Painter | Eric is a Nosara based painter who creates vibrant paintings and murals using eclectic colours and forms that speak volumes within the community.

Santiago, Barista + Artist | Our barista, and local artist, Santiago sees art in every form, continually creating the greatest craft coffee drinks Nosara has seen. Taking the time to perfectly craft each coffee he makes, Santiago uses his artist ways to create the perfect cup.

David Garcia Photo Exhibit | February 1st, 7pm 

Join us on February 1st for David Garcia’s underwater Photo Exhibit for a unique take on the underwater world. Craft beers and street food by Mindful Bites. A portion of photography sales will go towards La Voz de Guanacaste.

At Eternity’s Gate Film Screening | January 14th, 6pm 

Join us on January 14th for the screening of the masterpiece “At Eternity’s Gate”. Directed by “Julian Schnabel’s At Eternity’s Gate is a journey inside the world and mind of Vincent van Gogh, a person who, despite skepticism, ridicule and illness, created some of the world’s most beloved and stunning works of art.”

Guardianes de la Naturaleza Benefit | January 11th, 5pm 

Join us on January 11th for the Guardianes de la Naturaleza Benefit. With a silent auction, street food, and craft beer, all proceeds will go towards the Guardianes de la Naturaleza children’s movement which empowers children to be guardians of our planet.

NeverTown Movie Screening | December 14th, 7pm 

Join us on December 14th for craft beers and the screening of Patagonia’s NeverTown, “part surf film, part conservation film”, that “takes a journey along some wild coastlines and talks with the people fighting to keep them wild.”

Kit Noble Photo Art Exhibit | November 23rd, 5pm 

Join us on November 23rd to view Kit Noble’s photo art exhibit. Featuring a collection of fine photography by Kit Noble, craft beer and street food by The Naked Purple Elephant.

Oktoberfest at Olo Alaia | October 26th, 5pm 

Love beer as much as we do? Join us October 26th for a night to celebrate beer. Featuring street food by the Naked Purple Elephant, craft beers on tap by Costa Rica Craft Brewing Co. and live music by PaluSanto.

The best deal yet…buy 2 beers, get 1 FREE!

Vegan Street Food & Brews | Every Tuesday & Friday 

Join us every Tuesday and Friday from 8am until sunset for the best vegan street food by The Naked Purple Elephant.

Costa Verdes Fundraiser | July 13th, 6:30pm

Join us for an amazing fundraising on July 13th with Patagonia to benefit Costa Verdes work of keeping Nosara green with their Tree Planting Movement. The Nosara Surf Shop will be hosting Patagonia’s Worn Wear Workshop, and we’ll be featuring Patagonia’s Film, ‘Treeline’. With live music, a silent auction and craft beer, this will be a night to remember.

Gary McNeill Surfboard Exhibit | June 15th, 5pm

Join us June 15 for Gary McNeill’s Surfboard Exhibit! The exhibit will showcase greenest and strongest environmental surfboard on the market. Naked Foods Costa Rica will be serving up their homemade plant-based burgers.

Lightning Bolt Surfboard Showcase | March 31st, 5pm

Join us March 31st to meet shapers Thyola Bolt and Juan Diego who’ve collaborated to create Lightning Bolt Surfboards and to check out the boards they’ve designed together.

St. Patrick’s Day | March 17th, 4pm 

St. Patrick’s Day calls for only the finest craft beers. Join us on March 17th from 4:00 – 10pm for an epic day of celebrating all things Irish. We’ll tap a delicious stout at 4 and have traditional Irish music and Irish themed vegan street food by the Naked Purple Elephant.

Tony Celi Art Exhibit | March 5th, 5pm 

Join us for an evening of natural art by Tony Celi featuring live smooth jazz deep house lounge music by Santiago Holst and Asian vegan street food by the Naked Purple Elephant.

IDENTITY Photo Gallery

IDENTITY Art Exhibit by La Vox De Guanacaste | November 24th, 6pm 

The photojournalists from La Voz will be showing a collection of photos based on the identity of Guanacaste. Join us for a evening of art, vegan street food by The Purple Elephant, Latin street music by Baula and new brews (Barrel aged IPA and Polish Smokey ale craft beers) at Olo Alaia.

Used Board Sale | December 9th, 9am – 5pm 

Looking to buy a used surfboard? Join us on December 9th from 9-5pm for our Used Board Sale. You’re more than welcome to bring your own used boards to sell.

Graham Swindell Art Exhibit | December 15th, 6pm 

Surf photographer, Graham Swindell, will be showing a collection of his works of art captured through a lens. Join us for an evening of surf photography, amazing vegan street food by The Naked Purple Elephant, music by DJ Hawk and brews at Olo Alaia.

Kathryn Colvig Art Exhibit | December 30th, 6pm 

Kathryn Colvig paints dreams on canvas. She’ll be showcasing a collection of her works of art inspired by the ocean. Join us for an evening of art, vegan street food by The Naked Purple Elephant, live music and craft brews at Olo Alaia.

Chocolate, Coffee & Brews | January 20th, 11am 

Join us for a day of all things chocolate and brews. From handmade chocolate by Nosara Dulce, vegan street food and raw chocolate created by The Naked Purple Elephant to cold brews by Cafe Bocanegra and craft beers by Uno Cero Uno, it’ll be a great day.