Olo Alaia Journal
Ocean Awareness

Ocean conservation is at the forefront of a lot of conversations these days, especially in beach towns life ours.

Surfing in Ireland

With fierce waves, cold water temperatures, and pretty awesome places to grab a pint, Ireland is the ‘it’ spot for surfing.

How to Duck Dive

Once you know how to dive under water, you’ll appreciate just how hard surfers work to stand up on a wave.

Life in Nosara

Nosara is this rustic little surf town where bumpy dirt roads lead to the most consistent surf awaiting you.

Destination Surf: Peru

There are thousands of miles of surf in Peru, whatever wave you’re looking for, we got you covered.

Conscious Goods at OA

What’s surfing, cold brews and conscious living have in common, an easy breezy laid-back culture of course.

Cold Water Surfing

Where the land meets the shore, cold water surfers look out into the abyss calculating where they should surf in below zero weather.

The Culture of Surfing

Authentic to surf culture & lifestyle. Authentic surf culture and lifestyle is recognised by the definitive culture that surrounds it as a sport.

What is A Cask Ale?

Cask ale is live beer. Through this unique fermentation process it adds new flavours and aromas that differ from beer to beer.

The Japanese Cold Brew

Imagine enjoying a coffee that takes 8-hours to brew with the flavours 3x more concentrated, meet the Japanese Cold Brew.

Meet Marlon, Our Surf Instructor

We sat down with our head surf instructor, Marlon, to hear his surfing tales, vision for the future & favourite part of being an instructor.

Meet Santiago, our Barista

We sat down with Santiago, our barista, to talk about his love for creating an experience as you enjoy our speciality coffee.

The Meaning of Olo Alaia

Everyone always wonders why the name, Olo Alaia. Well, we’re here to tell you the story behind the name and brand.