The Surf

Playa Guiones is one of the most versatile and consistent beach breaks in Costa Rica. What makes Playa Guiones so consistent is the fact that it’s situated on the Nicoya Peninsula that pushes out into the pacific, and picks up both north and south swells. It can be surfed on any tide, and offers great surf for visitors and locals of all levels of skill and experience. In the months from December through March, Guiones picks up the north swells and with the winds off shore the surf is cranking. In these particular months the waves are walled up and groomed by the off shore winds and can often be surfed all day with the conditions staying the same and at times just getting better and better. April and May, through October which we refer to as our green season, far away Antarctic storms send south swells or way. South swells are more consistent and can offer up some good size surf. The lineup is less crowded in these months which makes up for a much higher wave count amongst surfers in the water. There are not too many days out of the year where Playa Guiones doesn’t have a wave to be enjoyed and surfed.