What's Your Surfing Level?

Us Knowing is You Gaining

It is important for us at Olo Alaia to know your surfing ability level prior to your lesson & coaching. By us knowing this we can maximize your coaching time with us.


We were all beginners at one point and it’s our job to make sure we teach our students about the safety and etiquette which are basically all unwritten rules for the most part. As a beginner learning to surf you are entering a new environment and there are certain safety precautions and etiquette to be aware of. This will all be part of your first lessons. You will be educated on choosing the proper equipment, learning about tides, wave formation and the conditions of the surf. you will be thought proper positioning on your board, efficient paddling stroke and popping to your feet. This will take place both on the beach and in waist deep white water ensuring a safe and comfortable zone for our students. knowing at any moment they can touch bottom is the start to building a confident level while learning to surf.

Beginner Intermediate

When you have advanced past the beginner stage and enter the beginner intermediate stage you will feel confident and comfortable catching whitewater broken waves. As you already progressed and passed the popping to your feet stage we will teach you, how to control and turn your board, you will also learn about stance and proper foot placement which will enable you to maximize your ride time.


Intermediate surfers are those who at this point are confident enough to start catching unbroken waves. He or she will learn to ride left or right (backhand or forehand) which determines if your facing the wave or your back is to the wave while riding. You will also be educated on duck diving and turtle rolling techniques in order to access and exit the break successfully and safely.

Intermediate Advanced

Now that our intermediate students have mastered the technique of duck diving, turtle rolling, and successfully making it out the back to clean waves. They are ready to learn to properly utilize their board. We teach you how to maneuver and guide your board while reading the wave. Bottom turns, cutbacks, and re entry, are also part of utilizing and maneuvering your board which you will be learning throughout this stage.


Congratulations you have completed and executed all of the above and you are now an advanced surfer. However don’t stop there you can always improve your surfing in which we offer the correct training in doing so. If you wish to continue improving and are interested in our core training courses don’t hesitate in reaching out and contacting us.